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Tidland Spiral External Element Shaft

  • Spiral element design delivers 360º of radial grip, centering roll on the axis of the shaft and minimizing vibration in surface winding applications.
  • Two-piece element design is resistant to punctures but can be changed easily, without removing the shaft from the machine
  • Isolated air circuits insure core is held even if one element fails minimizing downtime
  • Durable construction designed to withstand abuse and abrasion

Capacidades de torsión en espiral por tamaño nominal del núcleo

  • Tamaño nominal del núcleo76.2 mm3 pulgadas
  • Núcleo de fibra132 lb-in
  • Núcleo de acero141 lb-in
  • Tamaño nominal del núcleo152.4 mm6 pulgadas
  • Núcleo de fibra353 lb-in
  • Núcleo de acero378 lb-in
  • Tamaño nominal del núcleo304.8 mm12 pulgadas
  • Núcleo de fibra1,415 lb-in
  • Núcleo de acero1,514 lb-in

*Las capacidades de par son aproximadas. Valores de par por pulgada de banda, mostrados a 80 psi. Hay disponibles tamaños de diámetro más grandes.

Rewind Applications
Series 850 takes our innovative two-piece expanding elements to a whole new level. The unique spiral design of the Series 850 provides a continuous 360º of radial grip and intrinsically equalized load distribution. These advanced shafts also feature a two-piece body design, self retraction, durable poly bladder, and a fail-safe multi-circuit air system, with check valves to ensure that a loss of air in one element will not affect the expansion and performance of the other elements.
The Series 850 Spiral Strip Shaft is designed for medium to heavy-duty in 75 mm (3 inch) to 406 mm (16 inch) ID cores. The spiral strip design of this shaft minimizes vibration to deliver smoother operation and higher speeds. It's an ideal choice for surface winders or with lay-on rolls.

Maintaining External Element Air Shafts

Tidland External Element Air Shafts feature innovative two-piece expanding elements, which deliver an impressive combination of balance and torque. These advanced shafts also feature self retraction, durable poly bladder, and a fail-safe multi-circuit air system, with check valves to ensure that...

Tidland's Mill Duty Air Shaft In Action

The advanced features and ergonomic design improve efficiency while providing increased safety by eliminating the need for dangerous locking collars or wrenches.