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Tidland D490 Differential Shaft

  • Eliminate dust in the roll wind process with internal slip control
  • Insure best quality wound rolls with multiple-point contact on the core ID
  • Consistent, predictable tension control on a variety of materials with pneumatic friction torque against a machined cartridge
  • Proprietary expanding element for optimal tension control
  • Slit confidently down to 14 mm wide rolls
  • Suitable for simplex and duplex winding

Tidland D490 Differential Shaft Specifications

  • Rango de D.I del mandril76.2 mm, 76.327 - 77.216 mm3 inch, 3.005 - 3.040 inch
  • Eje diferencial por bloqueo de mandril D490S
  • Material del mandrilFiber only
  • Minimum Slit Width*14 mm
  • Ø estándard76.2 mm3 inches
  • Ancho del cartucho6, 10, 20 mm
  • Rango de tensión0.25 - 2 pli43.8 - 350.3 Nm
  • Eje diferencial D490B
  • Material del mandrilFiber, PVC
  • Minimum Slit Width*20 mm0.79 inches
  • Ø estándard76.2 mm3 inches
  • Ancho del cartucho9, 24 mm
  • Rango de tensión0.50 - 4 pli
    87.6 - 700.5 Nm

*Call Tidland Customer Service to discuss options for your specific application

D490 Differential Shafts hold rolls straight and true. Interchangeable cartridges allow you to determine how the shaft engages the core to best suit the material and core you’re running. Choose from a heavy gauge wire spring design (D490S) for fiber cores, or a 2-row, 12-ball, torque activated design (D490B) for fiber or PVC cores.

The result is improved finished roll quality, reduced scrap and fast, easy setups for even the most sensitive materials. Because D490 Differential Shafts are manufactured in North America, Europe and China, they are easily sourced and supported worldwide. All components conform to Tidland’s high quality standards and are interchangeable regardless of where the shaft is installed.