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  • DIGITRAC & EZ-TRAC to Cygnus Retrofit Kit (Part Number Cygnus E-RKIT)
  • Includes refurbished Cygnus Control (Part Number Cygnus E-R)
  • Includes new PS-90 Power Supply (Part Number PS90)

These units carry a 12-month warranty and will work with existing load cells, brakes and cables. If load cells or brake need to be repaired or replaced, extra charges will apply.
Standard Authorized Stocking Distributor discounts apply. These kits are available in limited quantities based on availability of refurbished controllers.
Requires trade-in of old control TI.DIG (A credit will be issued after receipt of trade-in equipment)
Note: Substitutions or additional components will be billed at standard pricing.

Contact Customer Service at 1.800.639.3433 for more information.

In an effort to assist customers in moving to a product line manufactured with current technology, MAGPOWR has implemented a retrofit program for DIGITRAC, DIGITRAC 2, and EZ TRAC Tension Control. Cygnus provides access to advanced features like Out-of-Round Roll Compensation and Automatic Load Cell Calibration, with full-text prompts so it’s easier to use. Each retrofit kit includes all components necessary to upgrade an existing DIGITRAC, DIGITRAC 2, or EZ TRAC system, including a refurbished Cygnus control and new power amplifiers.


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