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Fife H3157 to H3257 Light source Upgrade


H3257 LED Light Source Specifications

  • Compatible SensorsH3218, H3218E, H3118, H3183, H3109, and DAC-005
  • Available Light ModesPulsed 7.5 kHz (Single) – this is the default DC Light (Single or Dual) Synchronized (Dual)
  • Voltage Input10 VDC to 30 VDC
  • Requisiti di alimentazione5 W per 12” of length
  • Operating Temperature:-20 to 50 ° C
    -4 to 122 ° F
  • Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
  • Status OutputContact closure indicates normal operation
  • ConnectorsThree –– two for power and Modbus*; one for synchronization of two light sources
  • Sizes24.5", 47", 92"

The H3257 is an LED light source that provides a uniform light output. By default, the H3257 emits light that is pulsed at 7.5 kHz, making it an excellent choice for discriminating detectors, such as the H3218, H3218E, H3118, H3183, and H3109. The H3257 can be easily configured to emit DC light for compatibility with line scan and array cameras, such as the DAC-005. The H3257 provides a superior alternative to pulsed fluorescent light sources; featuring much greater resistance to shock and vibration, greater tolerance to temperature extremes, and more uniform light intensity. The use of long-life LEDs nearly eliminates maintenance requirements. An internal dry-contact relay indicates the status of the light source. The contact will open under any detected fault conditions.

Longer Life and Less Maintenance- The H3257 is based on LED technology,
which on average lasts more than six times longer than fluorescent bulbs, significantly
decreasing maintenance time and promoting higher levels of uptime

Consistent- Temperature variation is four times less than fluorescent-based
solutions duet to enhanced technology

Decreased Energy- LED technology is more energy-efficient than fluorescent


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