Sophisticated Application Analysis

Many times Webex engineering has helped our customers avoid costly mistakes.

For example, an OEM sent us a print and quote request for a pair of oil heated nip rolls. Webex sized the rolls, calculated fluid flow rate, and recommended heating unit specifications. Noting high nip forces, Webex engineers determined that the customer’s existing journals would have failed. We specified larger journals made of stronger alloy steel.

A leading printing press rebuilder experienced a problem with existing oven idlers shaking violently at full speed. Webex quickly identified the problem. The rebuilder had added tendency drives to the oven idlers. The idler shafts, however, where inadequate for the new speed. Webex was able to design and manufacture custom shafts to eliminate the vibration while still utilizing the existing rolls.

Our engineers utilize the most sophisticated analysis programs available. That’s why we can identify potential problems with deflection, critical speed, excessive stress levels — even inconsistent heat transfer — at the quote stage of a project. This level of engineering support helps get your project on the right path from the very beginning … saving you lost time and productivity … and in the end, delivering the performance you need and expect.

Engineering is key to the Webex difference. That’s why more converters today trust their products and processes to Webex for the best possible roll solutions.

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