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Coating Quality Case Study

Click here to read a quick story about Webex Engineering services for refurbish and restoration of rolls.

Sophisticated Application Analysis

Webex engineers utilize the most sophisticated analysis programs available. That’s why we can identify potential problems with deflection, critical speed, excessive stress levels — even inconsistent heat transfer — at the quote stage of a project.

Rubber Covered Rolls for High Speeds

A custom machine builder needed a rubber covered aluminum roll to run at extreme high speed. New rolls from their previous supplier would shake and rumble when at run at the high speed. Webex...

Lightweight Idler Case Study

A local printing company specializing in printing lightweight papers for catalogs and newspaper inserts approached Webex looking for help. This customer was running 20-year-old Harris presses....

Idler Roll Lead Time Case Study

Our new cell manufacturing approach for aluminum dead shafts idlers has significantly reduced production time and order turnaround.

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