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Tidland Performance Series Crush Knifeholder

  • Modular mounting options provide easy retrofit to any machine
  • Optional air regulator and gauge to control pressure, extending blade life and slit quality
  • Durable construction to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Removable blade cartridge for safe, easy changing of blades

Tidland's Performance Series Crush Knifeholder is ideal for very narrow webs providing the stability and durability required in crush slitting applications. These versatile knifeholders allow you to use an air regulator that allows the operator to control how much pressure the upper knife has when it engages. The Performance Series Crush Knifeholder is available in two sizes and three configurations to accommodate light- to heavy-duty applications. Operators can choose the design options that fit specific operations, maximizing both reliability and performance.

Tidland Crush Knifeholder Specifications

  • Class I
  • Minimum Slit Width33 mm1.3 inches
  • Blade Diameter90 mm3.54 inches
  • Class II
  • Minimum Slit Width50 mm1.97 inches
  • Blade Diameter150 mm5.91 inches
  • Class III
  • Minimum Slit Width76 mm2.99 inches
  • Blade Diameter200 mm7.87 inches

*Maximum Designated Speed is 1,000 FPM