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Tidland Precision Lock Crush Slitter Knifeholder

  • Quick clamp knifeholders make installations, adjustments and maintenance easy
  • Repeatable placement of the knifeholder with 1 mm (0.04 inch) increments
  • Made of sturdy die-cast metal

These crush (score) slitters are robust and affordable. Made of durable, die-cast metal and quality materials, Precision Lock knifeholders are suitable for typical crush (score) slitting in narrow web applications. The most affordable slitting system on the market, this knifeholder has indexing that assures precise, repeatable placement with 1 mm (0.04 inch) spaced increments, and the potential wobble of a tilted knifeholder is reduced significantly because of the true vertical alignment of the indexing rack. Set-up, installation and adjustments are a snap using a simple, effective toggle quick clamp.

Precision Lock Specifications

  • Pressure2 to 6 bar
  • Maximum Slitting Speed100 mpm
  • Tissue, Thin Film
  • Air Pressure*2 bar
  • Blade Force9 kg20 lb
  • Paper, Flex Pack Films
  • Air Pressure*3 bar
  • Blade Force14 kg31 lb
  • Kraft Paper, Labels
  • Air Pressure*4 bar
  • Blade Force18 kg40 lb
  • Light Board, Laminates
  • Air Pressure*5 bar
  • Blade Force23 kg51 lb
  • Abrasives, Composites
  • Air Pressure*6 bar
  • Blade Force28 kg62 lb

*Above 6 bar will adversely affect blade life, bearing life, knifeholder integrity and could cause grooving of the anvil surface.