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MAGPOWR B-7V and B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle Brakes

  • Torque is proportional to current
  • Torque is independent of speed
  • Easy control - adjustable while running
  • Torque is repeatable
  • Self contained with shaft, bores and bearings
  • Smooth stops and starts
  • Silent operation

Unlike other magnetic particle brakes, a horizontal axis is not required for shafts utilizing MAGPOWR's B-7V & B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle Brakes, thanks in particular to the unit’s disk-shaped rotor. Other brakes sport cylindrical designs, requiring a horizontal shaft axis. The B-7V & B-20V operate with the axis vertical, horizontal, or at any other required angle—the space between the rotor and the two sides is filled with magnetic particles, so the unit can be operated in any orientation.

MAGPOWR's B-7V & B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle brakes, made of rugged cast iron for long life, are easy to install and have minimal moving parts, requiring very little installation and calibration. These brakes assist in smooth, repeatable torque that is proportional to current, and applications include tensioning of film rolls on vertical shafts, packaging machines and machine tools.

MAGPOWR B-7V Specifications

  • Rated Torque9.5 Nm
  • Heat Dissipation at 600 rpm of Outer Member79 W
  • Non-Excited Drag Torque0.54 Nm
  • Inertia (WR²) of Rotating Members0.000084 kg-m²0.013 lb-ft²
  • Weight3 kg7 lb
  • Coil Data (90 VDC)0.36 Rated Current
    162 Ω at 20˚ C
  • Time Constant (Seconds) 90 and 24 VDC0.09 Current
    0.10 Torque

MAGPOWR B-20V Specifications

  • Rated Torque27.1 Nm
  • Heat Dissipation at 600 rpm of Outer Member132 W
  • Non-Excited Drag Torque2.7 Nm
  • Inertia (WR²) of Rotating Members0.00057 kg-m²0.013 lb-ft²
  • Weight9 kg19 lb
  • Coil Data (90 VDC)0.20 Rated Current
    290 Ω at 20˚ C
  • Time Constant (Seconds) 90 and 24 VDC0.25 Current
    0.25 Torque


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