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Premium Coat™

  • Ideal in nip and doctor blade applications
  • Outstanding surface resiliency
  • Superior recovery from surface markings
  • Uniform, consistent coatings
  • Tailored roll covering chemistry
  • Resists attack from common mill chemicals
  • Chemical resistance ensures surface integrity
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Better long-term performance
  • Outstanding wear characteristics improves coating operation

Valley Roller’s Premium Coat™ series of backing roll coverings have been proven to meet the wide range of performance parameters found within coated paper operations. Based on innovative rubber chemistry, these unique coverings help enhance the uniformity of the coating process. In addition, they provide superior chemical resistance, excellent dynamic properties, and abrasion resistance.

Premium Coat Physical Properties

  • Hardness Range40-100 P&J
  • Abrasion ResistanceExcellent
  • Tear StrengthVery Good
  • Load BearingExcellent
  • HysteresisExcellent
  • Resistance to DentingExcellent
  • Maximum Service Temperature250° F
  • Ozone ResistanceFair
  • ResiliencyExcellent
  • Recommended Thickness.500-1.75 inches

Premium Coat Chemical Resistance

  • AcidsPoor
  • CausticsVery Good
  • Aliphatic HydrocarbonsExcellent
  • Aromatic HydrocarbonsExcellent
  • Chlorinated HydrocarbonsFair
  • WaterExcellent
  • KeytonesPoor
  • AlcoholsVery Good
  • EstersFair