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Sizing Software for Load Cells, Brakes and Clutches

Once loaded, the software can be found in your start/programs list. You can go to your programs to start it each time or create a shortcut from this start menu and put on your desktop.Each time you start the software, it will check to see if MAGPOWR Engineers have added any updates. If there are none, the software will open. If there is an update available, you will see a notification. You have a choice to update the software or skip until later and use the older version. If you do not have an internet connection, it will not check and you can use the software offline.
The software allows you to see the calculations and can also pick a product for you. There are some tie-ins to your location that your computer is set up to operate in. For example, if your computer is set up to reside in Germany, then the program will expect you to use commas to represent fractional numbers vs. decimal points used in North America.

Click this link to download the software.

If you find a problem or error, or have issues downloading, please let us know. Contact us at the MAGPOWR factory by calling (800) MAGPOWR or (405) 755-1600 to verify sizing or ask questions.

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