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  • Superior Mechanical Properties to Silicone
  • Superior Release to EPDM
  • Excellent Heat Stability up 400° F
  • Excellent Ozone Resistance
  • Low Coefficient of Friction

Valley Roller’s Therma-Sil™ Series of roll coverings offer a superior balance of mechanical properties and release properties when compared to alternative roll coverings. This family of coverings is based upon a unique blend of silicone and EPDM polymers. Therma-Sil™ coverings produce some interesting properties which represent a balance of the properties of the two elastomers. Therm-Sil™ coverings release properties are superior to EPDM, but not as good as straight silicone rubber. Therma-Sil™ coverings can withstand higher temperatures than EPDM alone, but not as high as silicone alone. In addition, Therma-Sil™ coverings are tougher than silicone rubber, but not as tough as EPDM. Therma-Sil™ Coverings are well suited for applications where silicone is just not quite tough enough, and there is room for compromise in release characteristics and temperature requirements, or in applications where EPDM does not have quite enough release characteristics.

Therma-Sil Physical Properties

  • Hardness Range30-95 Shore A
  • Tensile StrengthFair
  • ModulusGood
  • Cut ResistanceFair
  • Resistance to DentingGood
  • ResilienceGood
  • HysteresisFour F
  • Abrasion ResistanceGood
  • ReleaseVery Good
  • Maximum Service Temperature400° F

Therma-Sil Chemical Resistance

  • AcidsExcellent
  • CausticsExcellent
  • Aliphatic HydrocarbonsPoor
  • Aromatic HydrocarbonsFair
  • Chlorinated HydrocarbonsPoor
  • WaterExcellent
  • KeytonesExcellent
  • AlcoholExcellent
  • EstersExcellent
  • GlycolsExcellent