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Ultimate Val-Coat™

  • Improved Edge Wear
  • Resistance to Spider Cracking
  • Resistance to Wads
  • Longer Roll Life
  • Longer Time Between Re-Grind’s
  • Outstanding Hysteresis (Low Heat build-up)
  • Outstanding Resiliency
  • Excellent Hardness Stability
  • Ideal in nip and doctor blade applications
  • Resistance to common Coating Chemistry
  • Excellent Hardness Stability
  • Excellent Surface Quality
  • Uniform, consistent coating

Valley Roller’s Ultimate Val-Coat™ series of backing roll coverings have been designed to address deficiencies of competitive roll coverings. This covering was engineered to overcome the deficiencies of traditional elastomeric coverings taking a set from changing deckle widths. We are confident it will meet the wide range of performance parameters found within coated paper operations. Based on innovative rubber chemistry, these unique coverings help enhance the uniformity of the coating process. In addition, they provide superior chemical resistance, excellent dynamic properties, and ultimately improve roll life.