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Urelast™ Series

  • Designed for Towel Embossing
  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent Crown Retention
  • Low Hysteresis (Low Heat build-up)
  • Outstanding Resiliency
  • Longer Roll Life

Valley Roller’s Urelast™ series of Emboss roll coverings has been found to be superior to competitive roll coverings. Urelast™ coverings were designed specifically to improve mechanical properties, enhance roll life and maintain competitive value in the embossing roll market. Based on innovative rubber chemistry, Urelast™ coverings enhance the emboss quality. In addition, Urelast™ covers provide excellent dynamic properties at a cost effective price.

The function of the compliant covering in embossing applications is to provide a surface that is capable of accepting the respective non-complaint image (Engraved Pattern Roll). The objective is transfer the image from the engraved roll to the substrate as it passes through the nip.

Elastomeric coverings for embossing applications must exhibit certain physical properties to function well in the embossing arena. This includes resiliency, abrasion resistance, modulus, and low hysteresis properties. These properties will determine the suitability of the covering in the application and will greatly impact the degree of success in a given environment.

Urelast Physical Properties (1-Poor, 2- Fair, 3- Average, 4- Above Average, 5- Excellent)

  • Hardness Range50-99 Shore A
  • P&J90-140
  • Hysteresis3
  • Modulus5
  • Elongation4
  • Tear5
  • Resistance to Denting4 F
  • Abrasion4
  • Release4
  • Service Temperature 212° F
  • Recommended Thickness.625- .875 inches