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Val-Coat™ Series

  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance
  • Improved Edge Wear
  • Excellent Crown Retention
  • Longer Roll Life
  • Longer Time Between Re-Grind’s
  • Outstanding Hysteresis (Low Heat build-up)
  • Outstanding Resiliency
  • Outstanding Heat Resistance up to 350° F
  • Superior Heat Aging
  • Ideal in nip and doctor blade applications
  • Resistance to Hydrocarbons
  • Resistances to Caustic Media
  • Excellent Hardness Stability
  • Ensures uniform, consistent coating

This family of high-performance covers has been designed to overcome the deficiencies of traditional roll covers. Val-Coat® covers have been proven to meet the wide range of performance parameters found within a variety of roll applications. Based on innovative rubber chemistry, these unique roll covers offer superior mechanical properties. In addition, Val-Coat® Series roll covers provide superior chemical resistance, excellent dynamic properties, and ultimately, significantly improved roll cover life.

Val-Coat™ Physical Properties

  • Hardness Range50-99 Shore A
  • Abrasion ResistanceExcellent
  • Tear StrengthExcellent
  • Load BearingExcellent
  • HysteresisExcellent
  • Resistance to DentingExcellent
  • Service Temperature350° F
  • Ozone ResistanceGood
  • ResiliencyExcellent
  • Recommended Covering Thickness.25-2.00"

Val-Coat™ Chemical Resistance

  • AcidsAverage
  • CausticsAbove Average
  • Aliphatic HydrocarbonsExcellent
  • Aromatic HydrocarbonsAverage
  • Chlorinated HydrocarbonsPoor
  • WaterExcellent
  • KeytonesPoor
  • AlcoholVery Good
  • EstersPoor
  • GlycolsFair