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Coating Quality Case Study

Webex was asked to refurbish a used coater roll to like-new condition. The customer, however, did not have a drawing of the roll, so they asked us to reverse engineer the roll in order to generate a detailed design.

After a detailed inspection on the roll, including ultrasonic inspection of inaccessible areas, our engineers generated a detailed roll drawing. We refurbished the used roll and manufactured another new roll for the customer.

A month after shipping the rolls we received the following letter from our customer.

“We wanted to send you a quick note to express how pleased we are with the performance of the two rolls that we recently acquired from Webex for our coater. We installed the new Webex metering and casting roll, as well as a new back-up roll. The initial data indicates significant improvements in adhesive coating performance. Coat weight variation has decreased by 45%-80% in the products that we have evaluated. We appreciate the outstanding service and product performance that you have provided.”

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