Controlador de guiado de banda DP-20 Plus

Pantalla retroiluminada brillante, ideal para ambientes oscuros

Configuración automática de fácil acceso

Sistema compatible con CDP-01, DP-20 y DP-30

Preparado para trabajar con los sensores Fives North American tradicionales

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Optimal performance meets optimal value.

Have better web guide control that’s easier to use, with the same level of performance that you’ve grown accustomed to with Fife. The new DP-20 Plus is simple and easy to operate, with only eight keys, a new backlit screen and the ability to display four lines of text in a package that is flexible and easy to mount. We took all of the features customers loved on the DP-20, the easiest and most intuitive controller we’ve ever created, and added even more value.

The Fife DP-20 Plus replaces the obsoleted DP-20, DP-30, DPI-6620, H-6600, H-6610 and Simplex controllers. Easy upgrade with optional mounting bracket.

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