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FeatherLight™ Carbon Fiber Live Shaft Idler Rolls

  •  High strength and low weight
  •  Higher load capacity than comparable aluminum idlers
  •  Lowest inertia ratings of any idler
  •  Non-corrosive
  •  Electrically conductive

Live Shaft Carbon Fiber Idler Specifications

  • Materialcarbon fiber/epoxy composite tubing machined for minimum stock removal
  • 处理32 Ra
  • 平直度over face width within 0.004 inch
  • 基于 动态平衡*3000 FPM
  • 轴头材料1018 carbon steel
  • 轴头材料25.4 mm1 inch
  • 轴头长度101.6 mm4 inches
  • 轴头外径的径向跳动0.13 mm0.005 inches

*Unless otherwise specified

The following standard models are provided for ease of ordering. Custom configurations are available.

Use the Specifying Graph (included below each standard model) to determine if your specifications fall within safe or acceptable parameters. The light blue bands identify the maximum safe operating speeds for given load and face widths. If your criteria places you in the yellow band, call the Webex customer support team to assist you in sizing your roll. If your specifications place you near band borders — or do not fit the parameters suggested in these graphs — call us at (920) 720-6666 for help. Have information ready on speed, web tension and wrap angles.

LSC-300-100 Specifications

LSC-300-100 Dimensions
LSC-300-100 Chart
  • 公称辊径76.2 mm3 inches
  • 壁厚3.18 mm0.125 inches
  • 惰辊重量 (磅)1.40 + (0.07 x Inches Face Length)

LSC-400-100 Specifications

LSC-400-100 Dimensions
LSC-400-100 Chart
  • 公称辊径101.6 mm4 inches
  • 壁厚3.18 mm0.125 inches
  • 惰辊重量 (磅)2.67 + (0.09 x Inches Face Length)



LSC-500-100 Specifications

LSC-500-100 Dimensions
LSC-500-100 Chart
  • 公称辊径127 mm5 inches
  • 壁厚3.18 mm0.125 inches
  • 惰辊重量 (磅)3.33 + (0.11 x Inches Face Length)



LSC-600-100 Specifications

LSC-600-100 Dimensions
LSC-600-100 Chart
  • 公称辊径152.4 mm6 inches
  • 壁厚3.18 mm0.125 inches
  • 惰辊重量 (磅)5.40 + (0.13 x Inches Face Length)



LSC-800-100 Specifications

LSC-800-100 Dimensions
LSC-800-100 Chart
  • 公称辊径203.2 mm8 inches
  • 壁厚3.18 mm0.125 inches
  • Idler Weight7.20 + (0.18 x Inches Face Length) lbs



Webex Carbon Composite Idlers are unmatched for their combined qualities of strength and low weight - only a third of the weight of a comparable standard aluminum idler with 1.2 times the load bearing capacity. These high performance idlers use carbon fiber composite tubing for the roll shell. A special steel stub-shaft and lightweight aluminum headers keep total roll weight to a minimum.

These remarkable idlers are ideal for running wider, lighter weight webs at higher critical speeds. Inertia ratings are the lowest of any roller on the market. Best of all, you can specify them now as a Webex standard - saving you the expense of a custom carbon composite idler.

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