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Fife SP-5, SP-11, SP-12 Pneumatic Sensor

  • Ideal for guiding most types of opaque webs and clear films
  • Non corrosive body construction for long-lasting, reliable performance
  • Intrinsically safe; usable in hazardous areas where combustible gases are present
  • Durable, clog-resistant
  • Flexible mounting and positioning assemblies ensure quick and easy installation

Fife SP-5, SP-11 and SP-12 Specifications

  • 推荐的气压8 to 15 inches of water20.32 to 38.1 cm of water
  • 重量168 g5.93 oz
  • 温度范围0 to 82˚ C32 to 180˚ F
  • 比例带宽
  • SP-57.62 mm with 1.27 mm dead band0.3 inch with 0.05 inch dead band
  • SP-117.62 mm0.3 inches
  • SP-1212.7 mm0.5 inches
  • 近似的耗气量
  • SP-50.71 l/s
  • SP-110.71 l/s
  • SP-121.42 l/s

These small, versatile sensors are best suited for guiding most types of clear and opaque webs. The SP-5 has a built-in 0.05” (1.27 mm) dead band for guiding webs that have uneven or ragged edges. The SP-11 and SP 12 are used to accurately guide all varieties of smooth edged webs. All are intrinsically safe, and can be used in hazardous areas where combustible gases are present.

Designed for use with Fife’s pneumohydraulic power units and control systems, the sensor bodies are constructed of black reinforced nylon, and the air supply and signal recovery inserts are made of natural nylon. The sensors are resistant to most solvents such as esters, ketones, alcohols, and hydrocarbons, as well as alkali and salt solutions. They are susceptible to phenols, formic acid, strong mineral agents, and strong oxidizing agents.


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