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MAGPOWR Global 系列制动器

  • 扭矩不依赖转速
  • 稳定的扭矩控制
  • 采用浮动式安装
  • 成本低
  • UL和CE认证

Need to know which brake is best for your application? Download our interactive sizing software.



GBA: 7.5 Nm (5.5 lb-ft)
GBB: 14 Nm (11 lb-ft)
GBC: 35.2 Nm (26 lb-ft)
GBD: 75 Nm (56 lb-ft)
GBE: 135 Nm (100 lb-ft)
GBF: 441 Nm (325 lb-ft)

Global Brake Rebuild

Learn what it takes to replace the Magnetic Particle Material inside a MAGPOWR Global Series Magnetic Particle Brake with Chris Harper, Global Product Manager for Tension Control.

How to Float Mount a Global Series Magnetic Particle Brake

Mike Hemphill demonstrates two methods to float-mount a MAGPOWR Brake; Flush-Frame Mounting and External Strap Mount.

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MAGPOWR Engineers have developed software to help you select the best clutch, brake or load cell for your application. Contact us at +1.405.755.1600 to verify sizing or ask questions.

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