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Tidland Edge-Trim 切边机

  • 简化连接 - 仅需110(或220)VAC的单相电源工业触摸屏控制器
  • 紧凑和坚固的控制台可供多种安装方式
  • 与高性能系列的II级、III级分切刀联用
  • 标准剪切宽度5.6“(142.24mm)(或更窄、更宽)。最大剪切宽度可达15“(381mm)
  • 对于很慢的卷材,可配备齿轮减速器
  • 出厂设置的可移动的倾斜角。可输入卷材绝对宽度的模式
  • 可单独运行,绝对增量移动,同步双向或同步单向动作



Tidland Edge-Trim 规格

  • 自动版
  • 简化联接Requires only 110 (or 220) VAC single-phase power and two
    easy-to-wire interconnect lines between the touchscreen control and
    edge trim units. Input air connections are (also) required for the knife
    control and pneumatic brakes RS-485 communication and 24 VDC power cables
  • 触摸屏Industrial touch screen PC
  • 驱动控制器Lead screw actuator with stepper motor
  • 控制台Compact and rugged control console enables many mounting options
  • 底刀电机Ziehl-Abegg 3-phase External-Rotor-AC dust sealed motors enable
    a wide range of operating speeds and torque values.
    Gear reducers are available for slow speed applications
  • 自动或手动版本
  • 结构Heavy duty steel construction with non-corrosive nickel plated finish
  • 刀架Performance Series Class II and Class III
  • 托盘Modular mounts (bottom and back mount available), linear bearings,
    critical blade geometry is maintained as the unit is positioned
  • 修边宽度Standard trim support 142.2 mm (narrower and wider supports are available)
    Maximum trim of 381 mm possible
  • 远程定位Optional lead screw and handwheel with mechanical readout (manual version only)