Fife M-23 Sensor Oscillator

  • Complete, independent control of oscillation magnitude distance and speed
  • Used to wind uniform staggered rolls, avoiding rippled material and telescoping rolls
  • Designed for variable sensor position to accommodate multiple web widths
  • Adaptable to almost any winding or guiding installation
  • Speed control panel installation up to 10' (3 m) away
  • Sensor mounting available for virtually every Fife sensor
  • Custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements
  • Sensors, controls, and actuators are selected based on your guiding system requirements

Designed for continuous-duty operation, the M-23 provides infinite adjustment of oscillation magnitude, with both speed and distance at your control. With precise speed control and oscillations from 0.0” to ±4.0” (102 mm), the M-23 is often used to wind uniform staggered rolls, avoiding rippled material and telescoping rolls.

Supplied as a self-contained unit, the M-23 is also available as a retrofit/upgrade for older hydraulic systems. It is easily added to existing winding installations, and comes complete with controller and cables. The cable between controller and motor measures 10 feet (3 meters) in length, and the power cord is 6 feet (1.8 meter) long.

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