Fife LRB Offset Pivot Guide

  • Electromechanical or hydraulic system operation
  • Low-friction ball bushings and race-rod supports
  • Durable construction for low maintenance and long-lasting reliability
  • Accommodates all threading styles
  • Optional Servo-Center available to setup and threading
  • All standard Fife sensors and processors can be used for edge, center or line guiding
  • Many construction and roller options available, including hazardous or other environment protection
  • Optional mounting brackets and stands are available
  • Custom designs are available upon request
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The LRB offset pivot guide is designed for reliable performance using either an electromechanical actuator or hydraulic cylinder as a power source. Constructed with low-friction ball bushings and precision race rod supports, this versatile guide delivers low-maintenance operation for edge, line, or center guiding applications.

This offset pivot guide can accommodate web widths up to 76.0” (1,930 mm) wide, and tensions up to 563 lbf (2,504 N). Standard guides are equipped with a mounting base for mounting either inside your framework (Type 40) or on top (Type 50) with mounting dimensions designed to match your requirements.

Larger sizes available. Contact your local sales rep.

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