Fife DPI-6620 Controller

  • Operator Friendly: Uses an icon based operator interface with menus available in any language.
  • Flexibility: The D-MAXE used is compatible with all of FIFE’s current sensors and actuators as well as North American sensors and actuators.
  • Technology: The D-MAX E has innovative features such as AOP for Rockwell PLC’s, DLR fault tolerant network capability, and embedded networking protocols.

DPI 6620 Controller Specifications

  • Temperatura di Esercizio0 to 50 Degrees C
  • CertificazioneEMC to EN61326-1 (industrial), Class A LVD to EN61010-1, RoHS compliant to 2011/65/EU, IP54 Protection Class
  • Uscita digitaleDry form C- 120/240 Vac and 24 Vdc
  • Digital InputAll Solid State, 120.240 Vac (50/60 Hz), Line run relay, Roll center on, Jog in/jog out, kg (8.0 lbs), Stagger on, seek on, detector jog out and detector jog in optional
  • Analog Inputs± 15V, 0-V or 0-20 mA range with 16 bit resolution
  • Uscita analogicaValve Drive- ±125mA or ±10V output, Remote Meter- ±10V
  • Sensor Power Output±15V @250mA
  • Line Speed Input5V pulse train to counter/timer input, 4-20mA or 0-10V analog input


The DPI-6620 is an electronic controller suited for a wide range of guiding applications. It functions as a specialized version of the D-MAXE, with additional features to enable its use with Fives North America (FNA) legacy equipment. The addition of an interface board extends the hardware capabilities of the standard D-MAXE system.

The DPI-6620 directly drives an electro-hydraulic servo valve or the input of an electro-mechanical power amplifier. It also provides various digital inputs and outputs, and several analog inputs.
The DPI-6620 can be used for edge guide, center guide, and master/slave applications, and it accepts inputs from all Fife and FNA legacy sensors — edge guide and center guide — and most off-the-shelf transducers.


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