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Wi-Fife™ Wireless Operator Interface

  • Set mode (Auto, Manual, Servo-Center)
  • Guide point adjust
  • Guide point capture
  • Link drives
  • Monitor system variables and I/O
  • Manage network (view devices and set/change network addresses)

Wi-FIFE Specifications

  • Temperatura di Esercizio0-50° C
  • Mechanical Footprint4.87 x 3.4" with Wi-Fi adapter installed
  • MontaggioSurface mounting via four screws through the bottom of the enclosure
  • Connections
  • Motor Control Unit4-pin male M12 circular connector (+24VDC, GND, RS-485+, RS-485-
  • Operator Interface4-pin female M12 circular connector (+24VDC, GND, RS-485+, RS-485-
  • EthernetRJ-45 Connector
  • Protezione IPIP20
  • Elettrico Requisito
  • Alimentazione di ingresso18-30 VDC, 2.4W (supplied by Motor Control Unit)
  • Networking Communicates with FIFE-500 Motor Control Unit and Operator Interface over RS-485
    Connects to customer's Ethernet network
    Can function as a Wi-Fi access point permanently or only for initial configuration
    Can join customer's existing Wi-Fi network once configured

The Wi-Fife™ Wireless Operator Interface for the FIFE-500 allows the operator wireless monitoring and control of the FIFE-500 from any tablet or smartphone. By connecting to a network of motor control units and operator interfaces, the Wi-Fife can connect up to 30 devices on a single network, with the ability to monitor and control any unit. This allows for a seamless connection, flexibility and accessibility of all networked guides wirelessly form anywhere on the factory floor.


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Fife Engineering prepara un manuale specifico per il cliente per la maggior parte dei sistemi Fife al momento della spedizione. Per accedere ad una copia del manuale, scegliete il seguente link. In questo modo si esce da questo sito web e si accede all'area di accesso al Fife Customer Specific Maintenance Manual (Manuale di manutenzione specifico per il cliente Fife).

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