Tidland D3 Differential Air Shaft

  • Quick and easy setup – Automatically locks core position without spacers or core stops to set up
  • Better quality rolls - Automatic positive mechanical core stop feature guarantees core positioning
  • Flexibility - Run multiple slit widths on the same shaft
  • Practically dust-free - Polymer tension segments do not cut into or create wear on the core
  • Quick and easy maintenance - Modular removable tension cartridge feature allows easy access
  • 2.3 mm (3/32 inch) tension segments ensure tight tolerance to the core edge regardless of core position
  • Pressure control valve provides optimal regulation of machine air pressure
  • Automatic inflation/deflation and core stop activation allow remote operation
  • Replaceable polymer wear bars and tension segments enable tolerance fit and reduced friction against core ID

With Tidland’s Equalizer Model D3 Differential Air Shaft, operators can run a variety of different roll widths with adjustable pressure all along the length at the same time. The Equalizer D3 is guaranteed to provide core positioning with adjustable air pressure without spacers or core stop setup. It’s designed for duplex center or surface winders for multiple roll tension equalization. When not covered by the core, tension elements mechanically lock in place to secure core position through the entire run. The D3 requires no tools for core stops, no core stop positioning. Use these air shafts and say “No” to tools, spacers, core shifts and waiting for core position setup.

Tidland D3 仕様

  • 最小スリット幅 (3-6 Inch Cores)22 mm0.87 inches
  • 最小スリット幅 (>6 Inch Cores)50 mm1.97 inches
  • Minimum Tension at Core0.2 pli
  • Recommended Core Tolerance3-6 Inch Cores 3.015 +/- 0.005 inch> 6 Inch Cores 6.015 +/- 0.005 inch

Tidland D3 Differential Air Shaft

See how the Model D3 Differential Shaft provides fast automatic or manual setups and high quality roll structure.