• Four current ranges for flexibility
  • Enclosure mounted (TC-5) or front panel mounted (TC-5P) models available
  • Reverse current circuitry provides greater control in low-torque applications
  • Operates MAGPOWR Magnetic Particle Brakes and Clutches with 90 VDC coils
  • Reverse current for greater controllability in low-torque range applications

Dependable current-regulated power supplies are imperative for the proper operation of all magnetic particle clutches and brakes, and MAGPOWR’s are no different. The MAGPOWR TC-5 is a solid state current regulated 90 VDC power supply. It has four current ranges of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 amp, selected by a simple jumper on the circuit board. This unit also includes reverse current circuitry as a standard feature, thus allowing greater controllability in the lowest torque range of the clutch or brake being operated.

The TC-5 is easy to work with, as the front panel meter indicates the current output and automatically reads full scale for each current range selected. The operator controls the output by rotating the front panel potentiometer.

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