VisionMax 100% Inspection Systems

New 100% Vision Systems from Maxcess help your converting line run better, faster and smarter.

    • Better– no more returns and rework
    • Faster– reduce downtime and waste
    • Smarter– run faster while improving productivity
    • Unmatched price performance
    • Global service and support
    • NEW VisionMax AI software- work smarter with machine learning for classifying and segmenting common defects

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Print Inspection System | Surface Inspection System

Delivering quality end products while reducing downtime and scrap is critical for your wide web converting application. For decades, Maxcess has pioneered the industry with cutting-edge end-to-end solutions that let your converting line run at peak output performance, with a global team of experts helping you run better, faster and smarter.

We continue this promise with the introduction of Maxcess Vision Systems, our new line of state-of-the-art vision solutions. When even a single critical defect in your material can cause thousands of dollars in wasted scrap and productivity, look to 100% vision system solutions from Maxcess .

At the heart of our packaging vision solution is VisionMax, our proprietary software that offers unrivaled price performance.

The software is capable of triggering taggers, marking devices or stopping a line in order to remove defective product. The system operation is easy, and operators can be trained in minutes. The setup for a job is performed in a guided sequence, is intuitive, and is self-explanatory. The adaptive surface inspection tool is designed to inspect homogeneous surfaces such as plastics, paper, non-woven or foils. It is self adaptive so sets itself up so the operator does not have to make adjustments.


NEW- VisionMax AI

Ready to work smarter? Our NEW VisionMax AI software uses artificial intelligence integrated into our VisionMax 100% inspection software to automatically catalog and segment defects while using machine learning to understand common ones found in your application! With VisionMax AI you can:

  • Dramatically reduce downtime and scrap
  • Enjoy easier operation through machine learning that understands, catalogs and segments common defects in your application
  • Ensure you deliver the best quality end products to your customers, with no more returns or rework
  • VisionMax AI is ideal for metals, nonwovens, composites, fabrics, tire and rubber and more
  • Integrated into VisionMax's suite of quality management tools, it can be deployed quickly and effectively for a quick return on investment


Common VisionMax Applications:

  • Extrusion lines detecting gels, carbons contamination and other defects
  • Coating applications on plastic, film, board and foils including printed products
  • Lamination lines inspecting for adhesive, primers or delamination
  • Special inspection solutions for slitters, pouching and die cutting
  • Solutions for paper, film, foils, metals and technical composites lines
  • Inspect web widths from 100mm - 6000mm, speeds up to 2000 mpm
  • Tag and Label
  • Packaging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nonwovens
  • Battery
  • Towel and Tissue