VisionConnect Automation

  • Work smarter, not harder with our suite of workflow automation solutions
  • Roll Tracking: automated e-tagging and roll mapping – track roll events such as a splice or knife cuts
  • Slitter Control: optimize yield and automate waste removal with cut commands and smart resynchronization

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VisionConnect Workflow Automation Solutions

100% is only the beginning. With our proprietary VisionConnect Workflow Automation Solutions, we give you the power to harness your data to run smarter. VisionConnect can be configured to generate roll maps, insert tags, print codes to serialize product, review rolls for quality, control slitter and doctor machines, or automatically remove waste at the final converting process.


VisionConnect On Your Process Line:

  • Integrated run and roll data job system
  • Generates roll maps
  • Interface tags or prints in trim using unique identifiers that are matched to roll position
  • Support for user generated roll events from operator
  • Support for parent machine IO events such as splice, roll cut and quality information
  • Support for automatic import of inspection data from 3rd party inspection systems with automatic synchronization


VisionConnect On Your Slitter:

  • Review and edit run and roll data
  • Insert and edit roll events
  • Rich interface to review defect data and measurement tables
  • Import or merge roll results from multiple systems, including offset nudging and roll synchronization for rolls of different lengths. This can be used to merge date from two vision systems that inspected same roll
  • Tag and Label
  • Packaging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Personal Care
  • Nonwovens
  • Battery
  • Towel and Tissue