Fife GMA-1 Electromechanical Actuator

  • Maximum static thrust of ca. 2.500N
  • Ball screw and nut design for low-friction, efficient operation
  • Clean, electronic operation
  • Durable construction for continuous duty reliability
  • Non-sticking end of stroke design
  • No limit switches required
  • Compatible with all Fife automated guiding and positioning equipment
  • Sized and configured to your requirements
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Fife GMA-1 Electromechanical Actuator Overview

Light, electro-mechanical actuator with maximum static thrust of ca. 2.500N

The GMA-1 is a light duty electromechanical actuator from Fife, for unwind / rewind stands, rotating frames and turn bar assemblies but can also be used as a component of slitting systems. The GMA-1 provides a variety of mounting options which offers a high degree of flexibility in order to meet different requirements. The mechanical design ensures low friction, effective and precise operation and prevents the typical bracing at the stroke end. Limit Switches are not necessary when driven by Fife signal amplifiers. Therefore, no ongoing maintenance is required.

*Product not available in North America.