MicroBlade Flexible Dies (Small Blade Spacing and Intricate Patterns)

Meet MicroBlade: Our specialized solution designed for the demanding small blade spacing and intricate patterns market. This cutting-edge flex die is meticulously crafted to create smallest blade spaces and tighter radii. Its precision engineering ensures optimal performance, enhancing the performance of complex labels with superior accuracy and efficiency. Perfectly tailored to meet the stringent requirements of small blade spacing and intricate patterns applications, MicroBlade delivers unparalleled precision and reliability for enhanced tracking.


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MicroBlade –  MicroBlade is an industry specific die focused on the small blade spacing and intricate patterns market, that is manufactured to create smaller blade spaces and tighter radii within a smaller pattern, for further enhance tracking capabilities. Maxcess Innovation at it’s Best!

  • Proprietary manufacturing processes allow extremely small blade spacing for intricate patterns
  • 0.0256” between blades vs. industry 0.032” (0.65mm vs industry 0.813mm )
  • Perfect for intricate tag production. More economical and better productivity than laser cutting
  • Increased product yield up to 6x vs alternative methods

Enhance die performance with RotoRepel™ adhesive control treatment