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Fife Polaris DP-20 卷材纠偏系统

  • 容易使用的小键盘— 避免终端用户或者操作员的失误
  • LCD显示 — 方便操作员使用,减少停工期
  • 直观的面板布局 — 方便操作员使用,减少停工期
  • 自动安装 — 优化配置,快速安装
  • 并行输入
  • 高动态响应
  • 不用更换电缆就可以替换CDP-01
  • 小尺寸144 mm x 144 mm x 103 mm (5.67 inches x 5.67 inches x 4.06 inches)
  • 可以容易的整合进机器控制面板

Fife Polaris DP-20 规格

  • IP保护IP54
  • 重量1.6 kg4 lb
  • 工作温度0 to 50˚ C
  • 功率损耗130 VA
  • 输入线频率47 to 63 Hz
  • 驱动器最大输出39 W at 30 V
  • 并口6 digital inputs, 2 open collector outputs
  • 通用输入线电压范围100 VAC -10% to 240 VAC +10%
  • 感应器输入2 independent edge sensors or 1 line guide sensor (SE-26A or SE-46B)
    Maximum input ±20 mA, 0 to 10 mA (preferred)
  • 给其它元件供电+12 V ±5%, 400 mA, -12 V ±5%, 150 mA
  • 内熔断器3.15 A
  • 设置键Analog Inductive
  • 键盘布局
  • 薄膜按键8
  • 基本功能Auto, manual, servor-center
  • 感应按键选择Left edge, right edge, center line, line guide, auto setup,
    transparence setup (opacity), guide point adjustment,
    system and servo-center gain adjustment
  • 设置键Jog left (- key), jog right (+ key)
    Enter key to complete function / setup or manual key to cancel


Fife Polaris DP-20 Web Guide Controller

Now you can have better web guide control that’s easier to use, with the same level of performance that you’ve grown accustomed to with Fife. Polaris is simple and easy to operate, with only eight keys and the ability to display four lines of text in a package that is flexible and easy to mount...

Polaris DP-20 Setup

Shomari Head, Technical Service Engineer, provides a step-by-step demonstration of basic setup functions for the Polaris DP-20 Web Guide Controller.



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