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Polar-Rite™ Series

  • Excellent Heat Stability up 350° F
  • Excellent Hardness Stability
  • Excellent Ozone Resistance
  • Resistant to Denting
  • Resistance to Polar Solvents
  • Resistance to hot aqueous media
  • Resistance to Acids & Caustics
  • Low Swell Properties

Valley Roller’s Polar-Rite™ Series of roll coverings offer a superior balance of chemical resistance and heat resistance properties to alternative roll coverings. Polar-Rite™ coverings have a saturated polymer backbone, which accounts for excellent heat resistance, up to 350°F continuous exposure. Polar-Rite™ is based upon a “non-polar” type polymer, and thus exhibits great
resistance to “polar” solvents such as ketones and esters. Polar-Rite™ coverings offer a balance of physical properties that make this family of coverings an excellent choice for many coatings and general industrial roll applications. Polar-Rite™ coverings are available in wide range of hardness from 30 - 95 Shore A.

Polar-Rite Physical Properties

  • Hardness Range30-95 Shore A
  • Tensile StrengthFair
  • ModulusGood
  • Cut ResistanceFair
  • Resistance to DentingGood
  • ResiliencyGood
  • HysteresisFair
  • Abrasion ResistanceGood
  • ReleasePoor
  • Maximum Service Temperature350° F

Polar-Rite Chemical Resistance

  • AcidsExcellent
  • CausticsExcellent
  • Aliphatic HydrocarbonsPoor
  • Aromatic HydrocarbonsFair
  • Chlorinated HydrocarbonsPoor
  • WaterExcellent
  • KeytonesExcellent
  • AlcoholsExcellent
  • EstersExcellent
  • GlycolsExcellent