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HEB250 High Efficiency Brake

  • Small compact size
  • Through bores and keyways
  • Inch and metric bores
  • Optional mounting adapter
  • High torque output
  • High heat dissipation
  • Longer pad life
  • Bi-directional cooling
  • Optional integrated proximity sensor

Frein haute efficacité MAGPOWR (HEB) Spécifications

  • Classe climatique3K3 (EN60721)
  • Degré de pollution2 (IEC664-1)
  • Altitude0 à 2 000 meters
  • Style de montageAlésage et rainure
  • Régime maximal2 000 RPM
  • Coefficient de frottement des patinsBas: 0,12
    Moyen: 0,41
    Elevé: 0,51
  • Pression maximale621 kPa
  • Pression d'activation minimale21 kPa
  • Plage de température0 ˚C à 50˚ C
  • Température de Stockage-30 ˚C à 80˚ C
  • BoîtierIP20 (IEC529)
  • Exigences de ventilation
  • Tension24 VDC
  • Courant1,5 ADC
  • Exigences du détecteur de proximité
  • Tension alimentation24 VDC
  • Sortie de signalNPN N.O.
  • Courant de signal maximal200 mADC
  • Fréquence maximale2 kHz
  • Humidité5 % à 85 %
    Une impulsion par tour

Patins de frein ne contient pas d'amiante.


The MAGPOWR HEB250 pneumatic brake packs many powerful features into a compact design. Ideal for the demands of general converting and corrugating operations, the HEB produces higher torque at cooler brake pad temperatures. These cooler temperatures along with a thicker brake pad will ensure longer pad life to minimize downtime.

The HEB is engineered for rugged environments, utilizing a single, ventilated cast iron rotor with a bi-directional flute design which allows for efficient cooling when used in either direction of rotation, a through bore and keyway design for easy mounting of the rotor to the brake shaft and an integrated set of caliper mounting brackets that can be mounted directly to the machine frame. These caliper mounting brackets are also an integral part of the safety guarding along with the caliper bodies to reduce the overall size of the brake.

Web tension is accurately controlled by adjusting air pressure to the calipers, pushing brake pads against each side of the rotor to produce consistent brake torque.

HEB Brake Installation

The HEB Brake comes partially pre-assembled according to your application. In this 5-minute video, Mike Hemphill shows final installation.


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