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Fife SE-26 to SE-46C Upgrade

  • Capable of detecting line, line edge, and patterns (i.e. barcodes)
  • Easy reference selection through color touch screen
  • Display field of view image in full color
  • Edge guide of transparent films
  • Wide field of view (30 mm)
  • Clearance between detectable features is reduced to 0.2 mm (.008 inch)
  • Compatible with the popular D-MAX Series Web Guiding System as well as legacy controllers
  • Perfect companion for the OI-TS Operator Interface

Détecteur numérique de guidage par ligne FIFE SE-46C Spécifications

  • Alimentation requise12 à 24 V c.c. (fournie par un contrôleur de guidage Fife)
  • Signal de sortie
  • Analogique0 à 10 mA
  • NumériqueMaxNet sur Ethernet
  • Classe de Protection IP54
  • Largeur de Ligne Minimum0,5 mm0,02 inches
  • Largeur de Ligne Maximum20 mm0,79 inches
  • Largeur de bande proportionnelle30 mm1,18 inches
  • Distance de l'impression0,2 mm0,01 inches
  • Caratéristique Détectable la plus courte3,7 mm0,15 inches
  • Poids1,3 kg3 lb
  • Plage de température0º to 60º C


• 0.5 mm minimum line width
• 20 mm band width

The SE-46C digital line sensor is capable of detecting lines, edges of lines and graphic patterns such as barcodes. It can also be used in low contrast conditions or with different patterns located close to each other, where traditional line sensors do not work. The SE-46C can also edge guide transparent films.

The OI-TS control panel for the SE-46C line sensor features a color touch screen, allowing for the image of the web to be displayed in full color, making the sensor calibration easy and intuitive. It is sufficient for the operator to select the desired reference line and press the automatic calibration key.

Thanks to the 30 mm wide field of view and the high resolution, the SE-46C sensor is suitable for the most demanding line guiding applications.


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