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Fife DSE-45 Wideband Ultrasonic Sensor

  • No repositioning needed for web width changes
  • IP65 rating for use in harsh environments
  • Ability to track up to 16 web edges or 8 webs, reducing the number of sensors needed
  • Industry 4.0 connectivity for performance data monitoring and automation
  • Either-edge and web width detection
  • 5 models - proportional band width ranges from 66 to 515 mm (2.6 to 20.3 inches)
  • Efficient maintenance - transducers can be replaced independently
  • Part of a complete family of sensors to increase efficiency and accuracy where web widths and materials change often

Increase uptime, line speed and profits with the new DSE-45 Wideband sensor from Fife. Controlling web width variation, working in harsh environments and guiding multiple webs is easy when you have the right sensor for the job.

When web width’s change an operator must manually reposition both sensors, then start back up. Increasing downtime while decreasing profits. The DSE-45 requires no repositioning with web width changes, increasing uptime, throughput and profits.

Fife DSE-45 Specifications

  • Alimentation électrique+12 to +48 VDC
  • Sortie analogique0 to 20 mA
  • Sortie numériqueModbus / TCP over Ethernet
  • Protection IPIP65
  • Source du signal du capteurUltrasonic at 300 kHz
  • Température0 to 60˚ C32 to 140˚ F
  • Linéarité0.37% (over entire sensor band width)
  • Largeur de bande proportionnelle66 mm2,6 pouces107 mm4,21 pouces178 mm7,01 pouces311 mm12,24 pouces515 mm20,28 pouces


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