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Strip Guide Controllers

  • D-MAX Series Web Guide Systems
  • Polaris Strip Guide Controller
  • Fife Logic Controller

D-MAX Series Web Guide Systems
Ideal for strip guiding applications, D-MAX Systems offer great flexibility in system and control functions. Operators can easily, for example, fine-tune the stagger to match a desired profile with access to rate, plateau, and period of transition.
• A complete system made up of powerful, modular components to improve efficiency and roll quality
• Low-profile controller provides the highest levels of strip guiding accuracy and powerful options like high-speed networking and remote system monitoring
• An operator interface displays graphics and displays in your language to simplify setup and operation

Strip Guide Controller
The advanced D-MAX strip guide controller delivers strip guiding accuracy in a compact package. Featuring one-button auto setup, this controller is easy to set up and operate.
• Small form factor is easily integrated into a machine panel
• Intuitive setup and user-friendly operation reduces downtime between runs
• Full text prompts
• IP65 protection for harsh environments
• Compatible with all Fife sensors

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