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Capacitive Sensors

  • Ideal for use in harsh environments
  • Capable of handling high temperatures, such as heating sections of annealing processes
  • Perfect for inaccessible locations
  • Virtually maintenance-free, requires no operator attention

Absolute flexibility. These sensors are easily configured suit the space of any production line, resistant against mechanical shocks, and robust enough to withstand interference with the strip. When necessary, repair of these sensors is easy and can be performed in-house. There is no need for a separate power cable, reducing the costs of installation. These extremely versatile sensors can measure extremely narrow strips (as little as 15 mm) to extremely wide strips (up to 2200 mm).

The adjustment of Capacitive Sensors is extremely easy and fast. Simply turn a potentiometer on the sensor-demodulator assembly until the LED color expires between red and green, when the strip is exactly in the centerline.

Models Include:
GSC-S1 (standard version)
GSC-HP (high accuracy)
GSC-500 (high temperature version)
GSC-1000 (high temperature version)


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