Electric HTR Roller

Optimize your high-temperature processes with the Webex Electric HTR Roller, capable of reaching temperatures up to 850°F. This precision heating solution not only ensures consistent, reliable results but also delivers substantial energy savings and effortless integration into your existing system. Explore the ideal choice for industries seeking top-tier performance and control, while also reducing operational costs and environmental impact.


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 Webex Heat Transfer Rolls Overview

Experience precision, efficiency, and reliability like never before with the Webex Electric HTR Roller. Ideal for micro embossing, battery laminating, synthetic fibers, and more, this American-made roller reaches temperatures up to 850°F with a rapid 1-hour ramp-up time, providing an even heat profile within +/- 1°C across the roll face. Enjoy up to 70% energy savings compared to fluid heated rolls, reduced maintenance, and seamless integration with your controller.  With multiple heating zones for even heat distribution, and seamless integration options, the Electric HTR Roller offers a rapid and reliable solution for your production needs. Trust in a brand that leads in innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Elevate your production capabilities with Webex – Your Partner in Precision.

Webex Electric HTR

Diameter Capabilities
3 - 30 in7.62 - 76.2 cm
Face Length
1-120 in2.54-304.8 cm

Carbon Steel - Stainless Steel
Alloys - Copper


Chrome - Tungstens
Nickel - Ceramics


Quantity (6) = 120VAC, Resistive

Slip Ring

Quantity (1) 120/240 VAC, Copper Brushes

Max Temp
Ramp up Time
Approx. 1 hourApprox. 1 hour
Product Sheets
  • Battery
  • Film
  • Laminating
  • Nonwovens
  • Specialty Converting