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Tidland Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts

  • Lightweight carbon fiber design reduces workers' compensation costs associated with shaft handling
  • High modulus, low deflection carbon fiber shaft increases profitability through higher run speeds and trouble free splices
  • High strength, high torque design enables safe handling of the most demanding materials
  • Options for carbon fiber shafts: sleeved with aluminum, sleeved with steel, painted black (no sleeve)

The perfect combination of durability and high-speed operation in a lightweight, ergonomic air shaft is what operators will find in Tidland’s Ultrashaft Carbon Fiber Air Shafts. The Ultrashaft is available with custom options: sleeved with aluminum, sleeved with steel, or painted black (no sleeve).

Further enhancements to the shaft include high-torque lugs and non-metallic retraction springs to virtually eliminate bladder failures giving you an ultra-reliable, ultra-durable, ultra-high speed, Ultrashaft.

Tidland Ultrashaft Model Comparison

  • Steel Sleeve
  • Estimated Shaft Weight26 kg57 lb
  • Load Capacity - Single Roll4,023 kg
  • Load Capacity - Multiple Rolls2,370 kg
  • Maximum Operating Speed1,046 RPM

Note: Example shows results for a lug shaft for a 70” wide web. Assumes (2) 2” diameter steel journals x 6” long; face length of web width + 4” bearing centers of face length + 6”. Maximum operating speed is at core, assumes 0.5” wall core. Other configurations will yield different results. Contact a Tidland Customer Service Representative for a full shaft analysis for your specific application.

Maintaining Internal Element Air Shafts

Every Tidland shaft is tailored to suit your needs, from the custom journal design (so it fits properly in your machine) to the way it grips the inside of a core. Tidland shafts are rugged and built to last. On the rare occasion when you need to maintain your air shaft, Tidland designers have...

See how lightweight components can improve operator safety

Sometimes keeping a line operator happy means keeping his back happy. Which is just one reason why Tidland offers a complete line of lightweight air shafts and ergonomic product features.