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Grip Rite™ Series

  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance
  • Resistance to Cutting & Tearing
  • Excellent Crown Retention
  • High Coefficient of Friction (Grip)
  • Low Hysteresis

Valley Roller’s Grip Rite™ Series of roll coverings have been found to offer superior coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance when compared to alternative roll coverings. This family of roll covers has been designed for applications requiring good mechanical properties and high coefficient of friction properties. Grip Rite™ covers offer performance advantages over a wide range of operating parameters
found within a variety of roll applications including; drive rolls, conveyor rolls, pulley rolls, feed rolls, and others. Based on innovative rubber chemistry, Grip Rite™ roll covers offer excellent abrasion resistance, superior mechanical and high coefficient of friction properties. In addition, Grip Rite™ Series roll covers provide low hysteresis properties which make them ideal for high speed roll applications.

Grip Rite™ Series of coverings can handle service temperatures up to 212º F.

Grip-Rite Physical Properties

  • Hardness Range30-90 Shore A
  • Tensile StrengthVery Good
  • ModulusGood
  • Cut ResistanceVery Good
  • Resistance to DentingVery Good
  • ResiliencyExcellent
  • HysteresisVery Good
  • Abrasion ResistanceExcellent
  • ReleaseFair
  • Maximum Service Temperature212° F

Grip-Rite Chemical Resistance

  • AcidsGood
  • CausticsGood
  • Aliphatic HydrocarbonsPoor
  • Aromatic HydrocarbonsPoor
  • Chlorinated HydrocarbonsPoor
  • WaterExcellent
  • KeytonesExcellent
  • AlcoholsExcellent
  • EstersExcellent
  • GlycolsExcellent