Tidland D2 Differential Air Shaft

  • Quick and easy setup – Lock cores laterally with inflation tool
  • Versatile - Slit widths down to 25.4 mm (1 inch) wide
  • Reduced dust – Core friendly tension elements and core stops reduce wear on the core
  • Operator-positioned toolless core stops lock independently to prevent axial slip of cores and reduce setup time on repeated roll sets
  • 2.3 mm (3/32 inch) wide tension segments provide pneumatic, frictional torque control against core ID for equalized tension roll to roll
  • Pressure control valve provides regulation of machine air pressure
  • Automatic inflation/deflation and core stop activation allow remote operation

Tidland’s Model D2 Differential Air Shaft is designed for duplex center or surface winders, whether variable speed control or not. It is simple to set up, easy on the cores and reacts well to multiple roll tension equalization. Quick-to-position tooless locked core stops provide optimum control over roll quality and setup time.

Bottom line is, operators can increase productivity by running varying roll sizes at one time with the help of Tidland’s most affordable differential air shaft.

Tidland D2 仕様

  • 最小スリット幅 (3-6 Inch Cores)22 mm0.87 inches
  • 最小スリット幅 (>6 Inch Cores)50 mm1.97 inches
  • Minimum Tension at Core0.2 pli
  • Operating Core Pressure35 to 414 kPa
  • Recommended Core Tolerance3-6 Inch Cores 3.015 +/- 0.005 inch> 6 Inch Cores 6.015 +/- 0.005 inch