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MAGPOWR CL Cantilevered Load Cells for Narrow Web Applications

  • Inside or outside machine mounting
  • Rugged construction for long-life
  • Built-in mechanical stops
  • IP67 rated for water wash-down & immersion

Load cells are not where operators want to spend their money. MAGPOWR’s CL Cantilever Load Cells facilitate that as they are the most cost effective cantilever load cell on the market. These sensors have the unique ability to accept virtually any roll and shaft assembly. Operators are no longer restricted in design – they simply install one of their spare roll assemblies into the Model CL Load Cell.

MAGPOWR’s CL Cantilever Load Cells are designed to support cantilevered idler rolls in processing machines that have just one side frame. They then accurately measure and control tension in a narrow moving web and are typically used on paper, film, foil, wire, fiber, fabrics or any materials used in the label, tag, tape, printing or converting industry.

These rugged load cells have mechanical overload stops and can be mounted inside or outside of the machine frame.

MAGPOWR CL Specifications

  • Gage Resistance350 Ω
  • Excitation Voltage10 VDC nominal
  • Output Signal21 mVDC nominal per sensor at full load rating
  • Operating Temperature-30 to 95˚ C-22 to 203˚ F
  • Combined Non-linearity and Hysteresis
  • 5 to 150 lb0.5% of full scale maximum
  • 500 lb1.5% of full scale maximum
  • Repeatability0.2% of full scale maximum
  • Deflection at Full Load0.28 mm maximum
  • Temperature Effect on Zero0.02% of rating per °C
  • MAGPOWR Mating CablePart No. SCE-15 or mating connector 12B193-6
    (pin A, + power; pin B, + signal; pin C, - signal; pin D, - power)



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