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MAGPOWR TLC Thin Load Cell Series

  • Used in live shaft applications
  • Standard in metric models
  • Flange and pillow block mounting
  • Four load ratings from 50 to 500 newtons (11 to 112 pounds) in size A, four load ratings from 500 to 3000 newtons (112 to 675 pounds) in size B
  • Ruggedly constructed for long life and dependability
  • Mechanical overload stops for 10x protection under severe overloads
  • Full Wheatstone bridge design for measurement accuracy and low temperature drift
  • Can be mounted on the inside of machine frames or hidden on the backside of the machine frames
  • Size A can be mounted using three bolts on a 90 mm bolt circle or four bolts on a 75 mm bolt circle
  • Size B can be mounted using three bolts on a 150 mm bolt circle or four bolts on a 135 mm bolt circle

The MAGPOWR TLC load cells are extremely accurate devices used to measure web tension in any unwind, rewind or intermediate web processing application. Delivering precise web tension with low temperature drift due to a full Wheatstone bridge construction, the load cells allow for force measurement and 10 times overload protection in both force directions.

With a low profile design, space between the machine frames dedicated to the load cell is minimized. The load cells can also be mounted on the outside of the machine frames, eliminating any space required for the load cells.

MAGPOWR TLCA and TLCB Specifications

  • Gage Resistance350 Ω nominal
  • Excitation Voltage10 VDC maximum
  • Output Signal1.5 mV/V, 15 mVDC maximum per sensor at full load rating
  • Operating Temperature-20° to 80° C-4° to 176°F
  • Combined Non-linearity and Hysteresis0.5% of full scale maximum
  • Repeatability0.2% of full scale maximum
  • Deflection at Full Load- Size A0.17 mm 0.007 Inch
  • Deflection at Full Load- Size B0.15 mm0.006 inch
  • Temperature Effect on Zero0.02% of rating per °C
  • Overload Stops105% to 150% of full load rating
  • Overload Protection10X full load rating
  • MAGPOWR Mating CableLLC series with straight connector, LCCRA series with 90 degree connector
  • Climate Class3K3 (EN60721)
  • Protection ClassIP67
  • Load Ratings TLCA50, 100, 250, 500 Newtons (11, 23, 56, 112 pounds)
  • Load Ratings TLCB500, 1000, 2000, 3000 Newtons (112, 225, 450, 675 pounds)
  • ConstructionNickel plated steel (beam), nickel plated aluminum (covers)