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Fife Electrohydraulic Power Units

  • Provides superior response and control for any web guiding application
  • Exclusive spool-type servo valve for unexcelled sensitivity and stability
  • For use with Fife electronic sensors and signal controllers
  • Compact, modular construction minimizes exterior tubing and provides maximum ease of servicing
  • Totally enclosed, or explosion proof motors are both available
  • Additional hydraulic ports are supplied on all units for use with optional Fife equipment
  • Units are furnished complete with hydraulic fittings and cables. Electrical cables are multiconductor shielded cables. They are encased in polyvinyl chloride to withstand acids, alkalis, oil, flame, moisture, solvents, and fungus

Specifically designed for web guiding, Electrohydraulic Power Units are ideal for use with Fife’s full line of electronic sensors and signal controllers. These power units incorporate our exclusive 2-stage, high-resolution, spool-type servo valve to provide precise, proportional control regardless of material or load requirements.

Equipped with their own hydraulic reservoir, pump, filter, and relief valve, all standard models can be used for single, double, or triple guiding installations. By utilizing one or more servo valves, a single power unit simultaneously, yet independently, is capable of handling up to three separate guiding operations. For more than three, a combination of power units may be used

Electrohydraulic Power Units Specifications

  • E25-B1
  • Motor Rating0.19 kW
  • Reservoir Capacity 6.6 L1.45 gal
  • Hydraulic Pump3 L/min
  • Operating Pressure20.7 bar
  • Pressure at Cylinder13.8 bar
  • E50-B1 and E50-B2
  • Motor Rating0.37 kW
  • Reservoir Capacity 13.3 L2.93 gal
  • Hydraulic Pump6.0 L/min
  • Operating Pressure22.4 bar
  • Pressure at Cylinder14.8 bar
  • E100-B1
  • Motor Rating0.75 kW
  • Reservoir Capacity 18.9 L4.16 gal
  • Hydraulic Pump8.7 L/min
  • Operating Pressure36.2 bar
  • Pressure at Cylinder24.1 bar
  • E300-B1
  • Motor Rating2.24 kW
  • Reservoir Capacity 56.8 L12.49 gal
  • Hydraulic Pump18.2 L/min
  • Operating Pressure60.3 bar
  • Pressure at Cylinder40.0 bar


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