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WINshaft Hard Chrome Plated Shafts

  • Selecting the Correct Shaft:
  • When sizing a shaft and selecting the correct material there are several variables to consider in the analysis. Thermal expansion, deflection by tension and gravity, web speeds, and roll inset are all important variables. The WINertia Idler Selector is also a useful tool for selecting the correct shaft.
  • Our WINertia Idler Application Specialists are available to help you select the correct shaft size and material to match your idler roller needs. You can take advantage of our years of experience in manufacturing idler rolls by speaking directly with one of our Application Specialists.

WINshaft Hard Chrome Plated Shafts are available in both Solid and Tubular stock. The added durability of our hard chrome plated shafts provide years of maintenance free service.

Traditional non-plated shafts are easily damaged during roll assembly and over time they corrode and rust. When the time comes to remove a non-plated shaft for maintenance, it is extremely difficult and time consuming, which increases long term operating cost.

WINshaft Hard Chrome Plated Shafts protect against scratching and gouging which eliminates shaft assembly errors. The durable hard chrome plating remains rust-free so the shaft is always easy to clean and maintain its “Like New” look for years of reliable service.

WINshaft Hard Chrome Plated Shaft Types

Tubular Stock

WINshaft Stainless Steel Shafts

WINshaft Aluminum Shafts