Fife’s new Simple Operator Interface (OI-S) for D-MAX features a compact design and icon-based interface that is easy to learn and operate. 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Fife Corporation, a leader in web guiding and inspection, will unveil a new simple operator interface for single and dual-drive D-MAX Series Web Guiding Systems at Label Expo 2010. The compact new operator interface is easily added to an existing machine frame, saving valuable real estate while providing simple, icon-based interaction with the industry’s most accurate web guiding system.
D-MAX is available as a pre-engineered web guiding system or feature-rich stand-alone components. The integrated design includes all of the components necessary for maintaining web alignment; sensors, guide structure, controller and operator interface are assembled in the factory and shipped to the customer ready for installation. Converters simply bolt the system in, connect the power and run. 
As stand-alone components, the D-MAX series provides the flexibility to fit virtually any application. Converters can choose from two controllers (single drive or dual drive) and three operator interfaces (text-based with or without networking, and simple icon-based) to create a powerful web guiding system tailored to their operating goals and budget.
Fife Corporation introduced web guiding technology to the industry in 1939. Today, along with MAGPOWR (tension control) and Tidland (slitting and winding), they are part of a family of companies that represent technology leadership and innovation to converters, packaging facilities, paper mills, and all applications in between. 
Visit booth 829 to see the new D-MAX OI-S, contact Fife at (800) 639-3433, or view the product details to learn more.