45 converters will learn the principals of web handling and collaborate with their peers during this week’s event in Philadelphia, PA.
Oklahoma City, OK – Maxcess International, a world leader in the supply of engineered components to the web handling industry, kicks-off their regional weeklong training event with record attendance and announces plans to share the experience throughout the industry.
“We’re encouraged by the turnout at this year’s event, but even more exciting is the level of interaction that is occurring between attendees,” said Stephanie Tuggle, self-proclaimed Chancellor of Maxcess University. “In the spirit of collaboration, we’ll attempt to share this experience with others through a video log, capturing the high moments of the event as it unfolds.”
The first day of training, led by Darrell Whiteside of MAGPOWR and John Feldmann of Maxcess International, covered tension control and its ability to impact nearly every aspect of the web. Attendees covered the basics of tension control and moved quickly into advanced theories of Dancer Control and Taper Tension, ending with an opportunity to cement the concepts in a hands-on lab.
Maxcess University reflects a commitment by Maxcess International to empower the customer with access to information on the latest technology and the training on how to use it properly, in formats that are easily accessed for multiple styles of learning. Content for the University reflects expertise of Fife, MAGPOWR and Tidland in Winding, Slitting, Guiding and Tension Control product categories.