SE-46 Line Guide Sensor eliminates the need for a ‘striker line’ on printed material while improved reaction time increases press speeds.
Oklahoma City, OK. – Fife Corporation, the worldwide leader of web guiding systems, has just announced the release of their new SE-46 Line Guide Sensor, with the ability to reduce printing requirements and increase press speeds.
The SE-46 eliminates the need for printed elements used solely for guiding. Advanced features demonstrate the ability to guide to existing one-dimensional graphics (i.e. bar codes) on a printed package. Requirements for printed elements are minimal, including a minimum line width 0.5 mm (0.02 inch) and ‘smallest detectable feature’ of 3.7 mm (0.146 inch) at 600 m/minute. Clearance between printed elements is reduced to 0.2 mm (.008 inch), further opening the possibilities. Higher scan frequency and a large proportional band allow for faster press speeds.
“Many of our customers have a need to reduce operating costs wherever possible, without compromising accuracy,” said Ron Suenram, Product Manager for Fife. “This new sensor gives them the ability to guide to existing elements like a bar code and achievehigher press speeds.”
Fife Corporation introduced web guiding technology to the industry in 1939. Today, along with MAGPOWR (tension control) and Tidland (slitting and winding), they are part of a family of companies that represent technology leadership and innovation to converters, packaging facilities, paper mills, and all applications in between.
To learn more about the SE-46 Sensor, call Fife Customer Service at (800) 639-3433.