Maxcess in the News

Rotometrics, the global manufacturing leader of rotary tooling, has introduced a new range of adjustable anvils called Versa-CutTM. Designed with dual adjustment to give the press operator precise control of liner strike, Versa-Cut offers parallel and single-side adjustability to overcome the challenges associated with substrate inconsistencies, thinner liners, and uneven die wear. Neil Lilly, Sales Director of Rotometrics UK explained: “Versa-Cut’s stability comes from its fully hardened bearers and body, as well as its lower operating temperatures that minimise thermal expansion. And, unlike other adjustable anvils, Versa-Cut needs no external lubrication that might contaminate the web.”

First in the UK to adopt the new anvils is Aztec Label in Kidderminster, whose owner Colin Le Gresley has fitted one to each of his three Nilpeter presses and is already noticing an improvement in performance. “Versa-Cut gives us the ability to use the same tool on different substrates, which saves time and money, and will allow us to reuse our large and expensive tooling inventory.” Aztec has recently been striving to improve its production efficiencies and recently was at 99.5% time taken for work planned across three-shift based machines for the entire month. “What it’s doing is allowing us to run much closer to our maximum efficiency point,” he added (Continue Reading).